Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ah yes, Religion and modern music, two forces that have been forever colliding. "The Music of the Devil", or Rock n' Roll, is the genre of music that is most commonly torn into. Even with the invention of Christian Rock, there are still people who believe that all Rock music is evil.

The jack-ass, I'm sorry, "author", responsible for the article I linked above, is one perfect example of religious intolerance towards Rock music. He says that even Christian Rock is Satan's music, since it is still Rock music, which as a whole is "evil". He says that the artists who perform Christian Rock aren't true christians. "The reason is simply because they are carnal and have no desire to obey the Word of God.  They claim to want God, and to do His will; but, they only obey the Scriptures that are convenient for them." Oh, and that's not all. He uses this argument to also inject his views on Wicca, Abortion, and Gays, saying that they take the "truth of God, and twist it to fit their own purposes. "When we put all these things together, it becomes so OBVIOUS what Satan is trying to do.  Can you imagine a Bible that teaches that it's ok to murder your baby, be a homosexuality, practice witchcraft, and listen to Devilish music?  This is the exact type of crazy thinking the Devil's crowd wants us to accept.  It won't happen!  The carnal man desires to live in sin without any guilt.  The only way to accomplish this is to REDEFINE the Truth of God's Word."

But, it's not only Rock n' Roll that's being attacked by religion, This guy decides to use Skrillex's song, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, winning a Grammy, as an excuse to attack someone and something that they are unfamiliar with and scared of. He says that Skrillex uses Satanic and Homosexual influences to win, saying that "As long as Skrillex wins Grammys and is accepted by mainstream media, he will claim souls for Satan and molest our children through his perverse philosophy of futuristic devil machine music." He also says that Skrillex's name translates from Latin into "Homosexual Satan Wasp". What. The actual. F#ck? I checked it out. Skrillex translates, both from English to Latin, and Latin to English, as Skrillex. He says that Dubstep was created to provide a "drop", which is somewhat true, but this guy says that a "drop" is a slang term for obtaining and doing drugs. WRONG. The drop in Dubstep is when a song goes from a more mellow tone, to a more aggressive, in your face beat with a lot more low-end power. Oh, and it STILL gets better! "In addition, the rhythm patterns he employs in his “music” are known to cause seizures to certain people, which provides ample opportunity for other concert-goers to rape said afflicted person(s)." AND "Over 100% of homosexual gays listen to, or have listened to Skrillex in their life — mostly while participating in door-to-door recruitment for sex orgies or attempting to molest children in one of the patented “Rape Vans” used by the gay homo community." Take a look at the link of the article, and look at the picture of Skrillex drinking coffee with an "X3" on the side (which I'm gonna guess stands for 3 shots of espresso), he has a caption under it that says "(Skrillex, shown here drinking “ecstasy”, in particular the potent “X3″ version)".

Now even though the Skrillex article is a satirical article, the saddest part is that there are people out there who actually do believe this sort of thing truly in their hearts, and believe that people like Skrillex are Satan-born terrorists, hell-bent on world domination, as proven by the first article I linked, which is not satirical.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I am not a religious person. 

More or less how the Christians seem to operate on these matters

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