Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leta's Inside Job Review

When a crisis happens the news is all over it, whether it’s the New York Times or CNN there are publications about what’s going on now. However, sometimes, how we got there is overlooked, the focus is so much in the present, that the path leading up to it is forgotten. This is why I appreciate the movie “Inside Job.” The film goes back to the beginning of the financial crisis of 2008 and walks the viewer through to the present. It allows the viewer to see each contributing aspect and why it effected the economy the way it did. There was a great deal of information and to truly understand the movie I would have to watch it maybe two or three more times. It moved quickly and there were definitely pieces that I missed or didn’t quite understand (although stopping the movie for discussion at some points was definitely helpful in that respect). The interview had a difficult job of talking to these high-up economists and CEOs, I felt uncomfortable at some points when he was asking questions that the interviewee couldn’t respond to or responded rudely. However, I know that this feeling is not necessarily a bad one, and shows me the corruption and covering up that goes on. Overall, it was an interesting film that covered complex concepts and one that I enjoyed and would watch again.

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  1. Good points, Leta. Our 24/7 news cycle has driven out much of our ability to reflect and consider causes. Documentary filmmaking fills a tiny bit of a huge hole in our understanding of many subjects.

    There are plenty of books around that address these tough financial and economic subjects, but we often choose to get our information in a highly visual, more easily digestible form. Are we lazy, busy, easily confused or some of all?