Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Andrew Jackson according to Zinn and Boorstin

For this assignment, you'll need to be familiar with "As Long as the Grass..." by Zinn, and chapter 9, pages 224-245 in your text. We will work and talk about it in class Wednesday.

Because both Zinn and Boorstin thought deeply and broadly about their subject, both historians present Jackson more complexity than the usual golden halo seen in many textbooks.

In a post in the comments compare and contrast how Jackson is portrayed in each text. Is there anything you suspect is missing from both accounts? What else would you like to know?

Also, compare the wishes of Americans who want to feel comfortable "having a beer" with the president have with the popularity of Andrew Jackson as described by Boorstin?

Who in the current GOP race for the presidential nomination do you think is vying for the "having a beer" vote most successfully?

Ron Paul
Rick Santorum
Mitt Romney

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