Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tall Order

Nice work on the poster, today.  It's inspiring already. By June, we'll all be headed out on a road trip West, thanks to you.

As for my tall reading order, my admittedly possibly unrealistic goal would have us reading 630-ish pages in about 60 days. That's 10-plus per day, or about half as fast as of my most recent grad school schedule. If we're to approximate this goal we will have to be serious and smart about our time in and out of class.

For the short term, let's make a commitment to get through Chapter 12, right up to the brink of the Civil War, by Tuesday, 70-ish pages. I think you understand how pared down this gigantic textbook is, so I'm loathe to leave out any more than we absolutely must, and since today's America still reflects the repercussions of decisions made in these crucial years surrounding the Civil War, I am eager for you to digest well this particular part. We will write in class, so you can read and take notes at home.

So, Chapter 10 for tomorrow, and, of course, if you have time keep going. No need to answer the questions at the end of each section. Look at them before you read, though. Please take at least three notes per chapter about the most interesting period, event, fact, person or something else. If you want to put them on an electronic doc that would be great--or the blog, for that matter.

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