Tuesday, October 18, 2011

With One Student...

Leta's at violin and Riley is ill.

Craig will take time to work on his paper, having stated: [thesis (mostly) of his choice].

Riley and Leta should state theirs and begin their work also. This paper is a 1,000 word demonstration of their understanding of some specific American historic, cultural aspect of the period between 1491 and the mid-18th century. We narrowed topics last week and the first finished draft is due in shared GoogleDocs form Saturday evening, 21.Oct.11, at 6 p.m. [19.Oct.11 edit: Note updated day and time.]

I posted links to the three students' blogs. Though, I'm not requiring that you use them as repositories for your resources and writing (yet), you might consider having one central place--outside of your computer--for such work. You can link GoogleDocs work, images, articles, etc.

If we have time, Craig and I will look at some well-composed, well-written blogs in hopes of raising your interest and awareness of this form of publishing, and Craig and/or I will post links of those we like or those that look useful.

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