Monday, October 3, 2011

Popham Colony, Explorers

Discussed the early days of "Virginia" and the failed Popham Colony.

We compared the motivation of the eventual Puritan/Pilgrim colonists to those in the South, listing the slave economy and Puritan ethics as major differences.

One theme that continues today is the ability of New England to feed itself and the South's reliance on outside sources for daily sustenance.

We brainstormed what might have been economic success had the Popham Colony taken hold and discussed Elizabeth 1's "Armada Portrait," from the text.

For homework read the Athena Review piece on the Hunt map and Jeffrey Brain's (re)discovery of the Popham Colony. Please note citations at the end.

Also read from page 26 to 44 in your excellent text and re-do any quiz questions to add points to your quiz grades.

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