Friday, May 4, 2012

Multi-Media Presentations

Leta: Dred Scott

Riley: Robert E. Lee

Craig: Robert B. Taney  Seven Days Campaign

Magazine pitch (what you want to say generally with enough information to intrigue an editor, and why it needs saying) due Monday 7.May.2012.

We'll tweak a presentation rubric that day too.


  1. Leta:

    What interests me about Dred Scott is the Supreme Court's decision and its implications in onset of the Civil War.

    I plan to explore how a single court case instilled change in our nation and look to today for clues about law courts' potential influence on our country's future.

  2. I plan to research the "Seven-Days Campaign."

    What compels about this conflict is that it was not simply a battle, rather it was a series of battles. Started by the Union, the casualty count for this campaign ranged in the 30,000s. That two celebrity generals, Lee and McClellan met and the South prevailed, also struck my interest. Not widely known, this series of battles has the second highest casualty rate in the Civil War, after Gettysburg.

    I want to use this battle to demonstrate that Americans are oblivious to many of the tragic facts of the Civil War and in turn show that we could be better informed about the wars Americans are fighting now.