Monday, December 5, 2011

WikiLeaks, Privacy, and SCOTUS, Oh My!

In the interest of keeping the current events/Knowledge Fair plate spinning we'll watch the last 45 minutes of the Frontline WikiLeaks Tuesday. Leta, if you go to the mainland, you'll have to watch it at another time. In class, we'll look at some of the comments and investigate some of the writers' points, adding our comments here.

You have two nights to do the following work: by Wednesday's class read Chapter Five in our text, and answer any four "Critical Thinking" questions in any four of the five summary (review) sections.
By Thursday, find an interesting section of the Q & A between Brian Lamb and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and ask five or six questions about that section. Listen to the whole thing or use the transcript. Look for Dred Scott, Nissai, Hamilton, for instance.
On Thursday, we will look at how money corrupts the judicial system in lower regional courts. Between now and Thursday, click through and see if you can curry some curiosity about this strange manner of justice in America.