Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Colonial Pamphleteers

Students are studying commodities of the 18th century and economics of colonial life. They will compose a pamphlet regarding some aspect of their resource by Wednesday. Students may want to get an early start as I will be unavailable Monday and Tuesday. I'll keep checking my e-mail over the weekend for any questions.

Franklin is an excellent model for the tone of a pamphlet. His discourse on the wisdom of paper currency may have some connections to students' research, also.

Here are the first political cartoons ever published in the U.S., by Franklin, of course.


  1. Where does the works cited go?

  2. How 'bout in a list of links or publications separate from the project? If you have another idea, let me know. Since we're making this up, we can do as we please.

  3. What is the pamphlet suppose to look like? Could you post an example.