Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quiz and Keynotes

Riley and Craig completed their "1491" Excerpt Quiz. Leta was out sick.

For tomorrow Craig will bring in a total of eight facts and eight images about the Waldeesmuller Map of the World; Riley will bring in eight facts and eight images about the Magna Carta.

Leta, should she check the blog, wants to come in prepared for the quiz and with eight images and eight facts about the English puritans and the discomfort they felt that would eventually lead them to found colonies in Holland and the New World.

I'll give a quick sketch of Elizabethan England if you need reminding.

Age of Enlightenment as a logical result of Copernicus' removal of earth as center of the universe, and some textbook work is on the horizon, as well as a composition comparing the text's version of the America's pre-1492 with Charles Mann's research.

Quick update: 1522 Wednesday, given the role of disease in the Europeans dominance of the Americas, here's a graphic of new and current vaccines.

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